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Each project is scrupulously researched and created from the ground up. Our comprehensive design process never includes clip art or copies, and always begins with an idea, a pencil and scratch pad. The result? A winning combination of a unique and hard hitting logo that is a perfect reflection of your company’s needs.

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"I am always happy to recommend Jesus Moreno for any creative work. I have worked with different designers but once I started working with Jesus over the past year I don't look further. He is not only a designer, he is a talented designer, to him every piece of what he is doing is a work of art. Over the past two years he made me six logos and one T-shirt brand which recently was released on the street and selling thousands each day. If you look for someone to trust with ever living image look no further, Moreno is the one. Me being as far as Tanzania I have never hassle when it comes to communications, I have enjoyed so much for his superb services."
Paul Mdumi - President,CEO A1CS Group Limited

Don’t take chances with your company’s image! Your logo is an investment in your future and at 1st Logo Design it’s our business to help you succeed. We have an experienced team of designers dedicated to providing a custom logo that defines your identity, your business, and your ideas. We take your advertising concepts and turn them into a unique piece of art. We aim to catch the eye of the consumer so that your customers know who you are and what you stand for right away. Our logos are designed to make a lasting impression and provide our clients the opportunity to advertise with confidence. Today, more than ever it is vital to have a logo, a brand, that proves you are serious about your company, your reputation and your place in the business community. If you want to make a formidable impact on today's competitive consumer market choose 1st Logo Design for your design services. We mean business, and your business comes first.

Our custom logo design puts your company
on a collision course with success.

At 1st Logo Design we love what we do, and we design each logo as if it were our own. Each concept is built from the ground up to assure our clients’ total satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with an unforgettable and original logo that ensures repeat business. Quality is a tradition at 1st Logo Design, and there is no substitute for 27 years of experience.

We are committed to quality!

As a design and development company, it is our mission to provide meticulously crafted, economical business solutions for our clients. Because we know our clients have many options in the design field, we guarantee a new level of excellence and our clients’ satisfaction. We will never sacrifice quality to save production time, and we strive to provide our clients the most for their money. We want to be your first choice in logo design and development, and we pledge to provide unparalleled service to honor our clients’ loyalty and support.

We have been committed to creating exclusive logos for 27 years. Every project is personal to us and we take as much care in the design as if it were our own. We take pride in our work; our custom logo quality proves it. 100’s of satisfied clients worldwide continue to refer our services to their associates.  We will always provide our clients with the best value, guaranteed.

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Why pay thousands of dollars for a corporate logo design? Our 27 years of experience with logo design will provide you with a higher quality product at a fraction of the cost.

Although software and tools are important in logo design, nothing can compensate for a designer who has an eye for art and creativity. These qualities cannot be found in box. We provide these talents and our professional logo designs show it.

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"If you ever need any graphic work done, you owe it to yourself to check out 1st Logo Design. He has done 2 projects for me and I've been extremely pleased with both. The concepts are fantastic and the work is superb! I'm a VERY happy customer"
Bill Roe

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"Jesus has developed several business packages for me, and I have purchased all of his icon packages. I have had several custom designed icons as well. Jesus delivers as promised, and I am always amazed with his superior creative and design capabilities"
Richard MacKillop

"Jesus has developed several business packages for me, and I have purchased all of his icon packages. I have had several custom designed icons as well. Jesus delivers as promised, and I am always amazed with his superior creative and design capabilities"
Bo Schmitz

"Excellent, timely, and creative! I am excited that you were able to transform my vision into an art form.I would higly recommend 1st Logo Design to anyone in need of their services."
Polo Alberto
Founder & President
Script Lab Solutions

"Wow! I am impressed all right. These are beyond excellent. I looked them over quite carefully and I can't think of a single tweak necessary. You've outdid yourself."
Sam Belloto Jr.
Owner Crossdown

"I have had logo work done by other firms, but the work of 1st Logo Design was by far the best. From the brilliant colors to the crisp original graphics, Mr. Moreno and his team did excellent work."
Steve Strom

“Jesus produced at least 50 logos for myself and clients and is a solid guy with a creative mind and a energetic spirit. Definitely worth working with!”

Robby Berthume,
CEO Epsilon Concepts

1st Logo Design Insist on yourself. Be original!
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